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The website will ask you to open an account in which you will input your name and address. Here's a link to their privacy policy which states your personal information is never compromised. They just need it for a shipping address and for account security/verification. After you have created an account, the site will direct you to a bunch of pages of offers.

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The way TraInn works is they are paid by advertisers for users like you and me completing offers. If users do not complete an offer TraInn can't buy your free XBOX 360 Elite.

To get your brand new, free XBOX 360 Elite you need to complete 1, no-risk, free trial offer! I recommend sorting them by "Most Popular" at the top of the page. The most popular ones tend to be free, have the best customer service, provide the best products, etc.

Here's some more info about particular offers that you might find useful. By the terms and conditions of the site I'm not allowed to tell you which offers to do but here are some tips. Remember most of the offers are completely no risk, free trials!

  • Stamps.com - 100% free!, no risk!, 4 week trial!, $5 of free stamps included!
  • Video Professor (As Seen on TV)- 100% free!, no risk!
  • Blockbuster - $9.99, 1 month trial of their online movie rental service
  • Gamefly - $9.95, 1 month trial of their online video game rental service
  • Advantage Language - FREE, Learn a new language, CD-ROM trial

Start referring friends. This is actually surprisingly easy. To get a free XBOX 360 Elite all you need to do is refer 9 friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone else you can think of! Just think of the power of peer pressure ;0) Some methods that have worked well for me is showing them some proof pictures, and selecting my referrals as people who might want a free XBOX 360 Elite for themselves. Another method is to ask friends, family, or co-workers around you birthday to sign up as your referral, when they are most willing to chip in a few bucks (if not none at all) to help you out.

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