The way TraInn works is they are paid by advertisers for users like you and me to complete offers. If users do not complete offers they can't buy your free XBOX 360 Elite.

To get your brand new, free XBOX 360 Elite you need to complete only 1, no-risk, free trial offer! That's what makes this site so popular, all of it's competitors require you to do anywhere from 2-5+ offers!

I recommend sorting them by "Most Popular" at the top of the page. The most popular ones tend to be free, have the best customer service, provide the best products, etc.
By the terms and conditions of the site I'm not allowed to tell you which offers to do but here are some tips. Remember most of the offers are completely free, no risk, trials!

* - 100% free!, no risk!, 4 week trial!, $5 of free stamps included!
* Blockbuster - $9.99, 1 month trial of their online movie rental service
* Gamefly - $9.95, 1 month trial of their online video game rental service
* QuickBooks - FREE, no risk, trial of their famous software.

Now you may be saying to yourself "I thought I was getting a FREE XBOX 360 Elite, not a $9.99 XBOX 360 Elite.", and there are two ways to answer that.
  • Simply do an offer that has a free trial associated with it and if you aren't satisfied with the offer you are welcome to cancel the service prior to the first bill by calling the customer service number for the offer.
  • Approach it as an opportunity to try a service (like Blockbuster or Netflix) that you were already considering trying. Therefore getting credit towards your free XBOX 360 Elite is simply an added bonus to something you were going to do anyway.

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